State Finance

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State Finance

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- Taking loan should be last option
- Loan should be taken for
a) creating new cities
b) investment in global market
c) recovering of wars
- Loan should not exceed to total amount of 7 true days net income.


- Budget is valid for 15 true days
- Budget should be made in running resources price
- Budget should be made in accordance with state Loan


- Expenses should not exceed to 60% of net income
- Short term profit is important than long term investment
- Trading is done with national interests


- Loan should not be given to other nation unless having 15 true days net income
In national bank account
- Loan should be given at interest of 18 % with 10 true days payback
- interest should be increased to 22 % if payback timing delayed to 15
- If Loan payment is delayed to more than 20 days, war should be an option


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